Private Rentals

Private Shows / Theater Rental / Birthday Parties

Tower Theaters can be rented for any number of private functions. Both theaters are equipped with digital video projectors, making it easy to show your own content for business meetings and private parties.

Private Morning Events

Many local businesses have rented our theater for presentations and other private events. There is a PA system and stage available, and the theaters are available as early as 8 am. Morning events can usually run until 12:30 pm, when we open to the public. The minimum charge is $225. IF running a movie we are currently showing it is $225 or $7.50 per person ($9.25 if it includes a 3D feature), which ever is greater. You can supply your own content in the form of audio or video or plug in your computer to run presentation packages like KeyNote or PowerPoint.

Private Day\Evening Events

With advance notice, we can make a theater available during our normal business hours of 1 pm to 10 pm. Video projectors, PA systems and a stage make our theater suitable for many types of business and private evening events. Rental fees start at $250. Cost will vary depending on day of week, equipment being used, and length of use. Call us discuss your needs.

Birthday Parties

There are several options for birthday celebrations, and we have hosted many successful parties. We can supply table decorations, balloons and cake or you can bring them in. Either way, there will be a table and seats set up in our lobby for cake and presents. Given enough advance notice, we can create a movie theme birthday event that is sure to please the birthday boy or girl. Our parties are booked between the hours of 9 and 10 am and must be wrapped up by 12:30pm (assuming our first public show is at 1:00pm).

Our theaters can handle up to 130 people. If you are not looking for a full private event, you can always purchase a block of tickets to any public showing and arrange with one of the many fine restaurants in the area for cake or presents before or after the movie. Call in advance to let us know, and we can arrange to have a bouquet of balloons waiting.

Concessions for private events:

Concession bundles are easily arranged for private events and can be purchased at a 20% group discount (no other discounts apply). In any case, we require that concessions be open and available for purchase for during private events. Group ticket purchases during public shows are not eligible for concession discounts.

Other events and contacting us:

A variety of options are available for private events at Tower Theaters. Please contact the theater directly to discuss your situation. Management can be reached Monday - Friday 1pm - 6pm. Please dial 0 and ask for a manager. (413) 533-3456 • 413-533-3456 • 19 College St • South Hadley MA 01075•   © South Hadley's Tower Theaters, LLC.  2013